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TYPES OF MOTORCYCLES (PART 1) Your guide to choosing your two-wheeled entertainment

To the uninitiated, that two-wheeled, motorized thingy, regardless if it’s a car that’s missing two wheels, is called a “motorcycle.” That’s an exaggeration, but truth is, there are still many who can’t tell the difference among the different types.

Truth is, there are those among us bikers who get it wrong too. It’s not entirely our fault, as manufacturers do tend to blur the lines between the segments, by producing bikes that could serve more than one purpose, although they may be biased toward a certain function.

Let’s see what we have.



Sportbikes are the closest to the bikes you and I watch hammering around the racetracks around the world on weekly basis. While MotoGP bikes are purpose-built, thoroughbred racing prototypes, most [...]

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