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PARTY AT CROCODILE RIVER: KTM Malaysia Fun Enduro Overwhelming Response to KTM Malaysia’s event

Story and Pictures by Wahid Ooi Abdullah

You’ve probably been following our teasers leading up to KTM Malaysia’s Fun Enduro event on 14th May 2017. KTM Malaysia had wanted share the fun and joy of offroad riding and what they got was an overwhelming response that even surprised them.

KTM Malaysia’s factory rider and 2016 FIM Asia Supermoto Champion, Gabit Saleh, in addition to Malaysia’s international trials rider, Acoi Pangkolo, set up a challenging course at KTM Malaysia’s MX track at Sungai Buaya, near Rawang.

We had ridden on the track during KTM Malaysia’s Offroad Range Launch last year [...]

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