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1 Malaysia World Endurance Ride - iMotorbike Exclusive Journey Coverage

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Motorbike Travel
While Motorbike Travel around the world is fun and most of us get the little travel bug that doesn’t stop asking when are you off again. In addition to all the travelers that have shared their experience with us, we also try to give as much information as we can on how to prepare for your next trip wherever you go.

 Furthermore, we are always welcoming all sort of suggestion and sharing from our readers. Consequently, do look for daily travel news and updates. Share our and our riders passion and read the logs, while we promise you will have fun with it! Finally, whenever you aim to travel by motorbike do make sure you are aware of all maintenance required, fuel checkpoints, etc.

Wait no further, prepare your traveling! Call us and emails us if you would like to do so. We are more than happy to help

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