Yamaha Motor unveils new cruiser Star Venture

Yamaha Motor unveils new cruiser Star Venture

Yamaha Motor Corp. has come up with a new machine that will “redefine the luxury touring motorcycle market” and is said to rival American top gun Harley-Davidson in the touring market.

The brand just revealed its new Star Venture, which is an 1850cc air-cooled touring bike designed to carry the riders comfortably. The Venture attempts to penetrate the full-fairing, full-price, big bike segment.

The Star Venture is equipped with major stuff for you to relinquish. It has a unique “Sure Park” system that is aimed to simplify forward-and reverse-gear maneuvering into and out of parking spaces. Not to mention, it comes with various riding “modes” that will adjust throttle response, traction control and other elements to promote safety.

It features an 113-inch engine, full fairing, standard cruise control, on-board entertainment system, grip warmers and massive top bag and hard-sided saddle bags.

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