Ducati to unveil to Scrambler bikes in Wheels & Waves festival

Ducati to unveil to Scrambler bikes in Wheels & Waves festival

The annual “Wheels & Waves” festival in Biarritz, France, will be held this week and this is certainly good news for those in the custom motorcycling world!

Making their way to the festival are several top manufacturers to showcase their unique custom bikes and hints at future models. One of these manufacturers are said to be Ducati. The Italian brand will be revealing a couple of their models to the crowd.

First to be unveiled is the Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 which is designed with the help of custom perennial Roland Sands. The Mach 2.0 features new low-slung handebars, a ‘flat track pro’ seat and some trinket cylinder head covers with a black exhaust. The graphics of the bike is said to be based around the Bell Cross Idol helmet.

“Inspiration for the name of this latest Scrambler version comes from a bike that made Ducati – and motorcycling – history in the ’60s. Back in 1965, in fact, the Mach 1 250 was launched: a classic of its day that mounted the same engine as the Scrambler 250 of the time,” stated the firm.

“Needless to say, the choice of name stems from its association with speed and movement: ‘Mach’, in fact, is the unit of measure for supersonic speeds.”

Next up is the Full Throttle version which definitely attracts the eyes of the crowd. It dons a shiny black tank and front mudguard with a new side panel with a distinctive black chequerboard pattern on a yellow stripe.

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