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Rode with KTM Malaysia to the best adventure



Winner announcement on iMotorbike.com’s Facebook page

In our coverage of the convoy called Ride Sakan KTM Malaysia to Gopeng, we mentioned Mr. John Chong, the winner of a contest born through the collaboration of KTM Malaysia and iMotorbike.com.

The winner of the contest was slated to experience a KTM motorcycle, but KTM Malaysia went one better and included John during the aforementioned ride. So, John had not only experienced the joys of riding a KTM but also came away a very happy man as that ride featured the best activities of any KTM Malaysia ride thus far.

They included shooting down a river rapid in tyre-tube floats, hiking and caving in the 400 million-year-old Gua Tempurung.

But don’t take it from us, because here are John’s thoughts.

John Chong, the winner of the KTM Malaysia – iMotorbike.com Experience Contest

iMotorbike.com (IM): How did you find the overall experience?
John Chong (JM): It was a great experience spending time together with other KTM owners, at Natasya Resort, Gopeng. Although I didn’t join the water tubing activity (too tired from travelling), I truly enjoyed the cave expedition on  the second day and also riding with fellow KTM  owners from northern part of Malaysia.


IM: How did you find riding a KTM, particularly the 690 Duke?

JC: True to its tag line, “Ready to Race”, this naked bike really felt ready to race. Chassis feels solid in corners and high speed. Power delivery is smooth. I was surprised at the power it produces. I could overtake cars effortlessly, without even had to max out the throttle. All this from a 690 cc, single cylinder engine. Amazing.

The only downside is the wobbling, which I found it occurs during speed of more than 140 km/h. But I believe it has to do with the strong crosswind and also the fact that naked bikes has less fairing, thus less aerodynamics.
IM: What’s your occupation?
JC: NGO social worker and entrepreneur.
IM: What’s your riding experience and/or bikes that you’ve owned and currently own?
JC: I started from riding a kapchai at 13. My first real motorbike was an Aprilia RS250. Second bike was a Naza Cruise 250. Third and current bike is a 2008 Suzuki GSX-R1000. Went for my first track day at Sepang recently and looking forward to the next and subsequent opportunities.
IM: What do you look forward to in the future from KTM Malaysia?
JC: I think KTM Malaysia has been doing a great job for its customers from what I heard. Great customer support, aftersales..etc. And also, events like this trip to Gopeng. It keeps the KTM community active and together.
Honestly, I look forward to KTM Malaysia to just keep up the good job and continue to do what they have been doing.
As I’m more inclined to track riding, I hope KTM Malaysia will organize more track days or even races.


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