BMW Motorrad Concept Link to be the next futuristic bike?

BMW Motorrad Concept Link to be the next futuristic bike?

If you have not heard of this, here is your chance to! The BMW Motorrad Concept Link may be the next best thing in the motorcycle world. New in the BMW’s series of the Motorrad concept vehicles which displays a much more angular and sci-fi style.

The bike is an electric drive that makes possible the lower seat that BMW claims facilitates easily getting on and off the vehicle. It has a reverse gear which is not common of many motorcycles which lets riders move around comfortably and more easily.

Not to mention, there is an onboard storage unedr the seat bench which has cutaways that let you see the technology powering it within, as quoted from sources.

The Link projects information such as speed, remaining charge and navigation information right onto the windscreen. Also, the windscreen can be swapped out for other options for greater personalization.

The touchscreen input is available for a secondary display below the handle bars and it has easier access to features while riders are on the road. There are motion controls built in that let you open the luggage door with a wave of your arm.

However, these concepts are unlikely to be in production anytime soon but are merely a set of guidelines for the firm to expand its works.

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