Triumph gears up for steering wheel attachment on motorcycles

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Triumph gears up for steering wheel attachment on motorcycles

British manufacturer Triumph is geared up for a project to create steering wheels for their range of bikes. Albeit an eccentric idea, Triumph sees the device to be a stepping board for the industry. The device, said to be the HandleWheel, replaces conventional handlebars and has been designed to make Triumph’s motorcycles easier for car drivers to adapt to. In fact, the idea is said to be a motivation for drivers to switch to two-wheelers too.

The HandleWheel allows new riders to steer the bike as they would a car. The steering device will also feature the Triumph Rider Intuitive Control Keys (TRICK) system, a pioneering feature that enables the rider to control switches through voice commands, including lights, indicators, emergency kill switch and horn.

“We are realistic enough to understand that it can be a daunting prospect for car drivers to climb on to a motorcycle and learn how to ride. We want to make that transition as easy and swift as possible, so our design team, always at the forefront of motorcycle development, came up with a solution,” said Paul Lilly, General Manager of Triumph Motorcycles UK & Ireland.

“At the moment, the HandleWheel is available only in the UK, but in due course we will adapt a version that will be suitable for driving in Europe and other countries where they drive on the right-hand side of the road.”

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