Vows to Upgrade Aftersales Service

Penang, Malaysia, 2nd April 2017 – Hot on the heels of the announcement of their collaboration with Keeway Benelli Malaysia as the new official distributor of BENELLI motorcycles in Malaysia, MFORCE BIKE HOLDINGS SDN. BHD. (better known as just “MForce”) launched 3 new models to the media and dealers on this day.


Themed “Another Italian Job,” the launch also signifies MForce’s commitment to not merely entice Malaysian motorcycle fans with new models but also a pledge to upgrade Benelli’s marketing strategies, but more importantly, aftersales service.

“Aftersales is what makes or breaks a brand,” said Mr. Dante Richard Burstos, Chief Marketing Officer, CMO (Americas, Asia & Africa Regions) of Benelli; a sentiment supported by En. Asri Ahmad, Operation General Manager of MForce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

Mr. Stefano Michelotti, Technical Director continued with the technical aspects of the new bikes, starting with the 302R.

The 302R looks very intriguing, indeed, very much like a supersport machine. The engine shares the same architecture as the popular TnT 302, but apart from that, the rest of the bike including the chassis, has been completely reworked for, “… a day at the racetrack – or an afternoon ride on a deserted back road.” Weighing in at only 190kg, with a 37bhp power output, it’ll definitely produce an agile and lively ride. The 302R retails at just RM 21,888.

The second model presented was the TRK502 adventure-tourer and as with any Italian-styled motorcycle, this one really looks great. The TRK502 is meant to provide the rider an experience of touring in comfort, rain or shine by featuring good suspension, an efficient inline-Twin engine, and good brakes. Benelli presented three variants, each with different luggage options. The base model, without luggage retails at RM 28,888; the TRK502 SP featuring panniers only is priced at RM 29,888; and finally the TRK502 SP2 which is equipped with panniers and a top box goes for a super attractive RM RM 30,588.

Last but not least was the RFS 150i underbone (better known as “kapchai” in Malaysia). It’s not just another kapchai, however, as Benelli’s plans for this bike to give its competition a run for their money – if not challenge them head-to-head – by plunking in a 15.5bhp, 3-spark (yes, you read that correctly), fuel-injected engine, mated to a 6-speed transmission. In Benelli’s own words, the bike RFS 150i is meant not only as an urban kapchai but one which could also turn laps a racetrack.

It also features LED headlamps, running-lights, and taillight; besides an LCD multi-function display with flanked by a large tachometer.

The RFS 150i base model goes for a superb price of RM 6,988, while the special edition RFS 150i SE retails for RM 7,338.

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