KICKING UP DIRT – Fun in the dirt with Welly Sg. Buloh and KTM Malaysia

Welly Sg. Buloh – KTM Malaysia MX Clinic

If the motorcycle is the key to happiness in life, then MX is the spice of life.

Dirt riding seem to turn many off for various reasons, but there are so many benefits waiting to be reaped. It’s only when one rides in dirt that he truly learns the mechanics of riding a motorcycle, in terms of throttle control, steering, braking, vision, body positioning, and in turn appreciating how much control he has over his bike when he goes back to riding on the road.

With this in mind, Welly Sg. Buloh and KTM Malaysia took the initiative to organize an MX clinic at KTM Malaysia’s MX track situated at Sungai Buaya, Rawang.

KTM Malaysia had also roped in the services of their factory rider, FIM Asia Supermoto Champion and Malaysian Motocross Champion, Gabit Saleh, as the instructor.

KTM Malaysia brought along two of their latest 350 EXC-F and one 450 EXC-F enduro bikes for the clinic, while Welly supported with a Husqvarna FE250 and a Kawasaki KX85 two-stroker.

Gabit got down to providing some pointers on a stationary KTM 450 EXC-F, showing the basics of dirt riding. Gabit had set cones along the trackside earlier, pointing to where to stand (the straights) and sit (for the corners). He then suited up and rode around the track for a demo.

The participants rode around the track afterwards, starting on the flat track section, under Gabit’s watchful eyes. They were stopped occasionally by Gabit to receive personalized coaching.

It was only after one session and the participants already found so much fun riding in the dirt.

The clinic moved on to teaching the techniques of slow speed bike control, through clutch, throttle and brake control later in the day. The students had to stand up on the pegs and negotiate two slalom courses.

As the day wore on, the heat became unbearable after, and unfortunately, the clinic had to be cut short.

So what was the objective of the Welly Sg. Buloh and KTM Malaysia in organizing this clinic? “We wanted riders to learn the correct basics of bike riding and MX is the best way,” said Kim from Welly Sg. Buloh.

KTM Malaysia and Welly Sg. Buloh are looking forward to conducting more of such clinics on a regular schedule in the near future. Such initiatives by manufacturers and dealers to make motorcycling safer and enjoyable should lauded.

– Story and pictures by Wahid Ooi Abdullah

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