Indian Motorcycles introduce Chieftain Limited and Chieftain Elite!

Indian Motorcycles introduce Chieftain Limited and Chieftain Elite!

In case you missed out, the new custom-inspired Chieftain Limited and Chieftain Elite from Indian Motorcycles is here! With its new standard and designs, the bikes are absolutely stylish and provide a more sleek look.

“Our goal was to evolve the award-winning Chieftain platform with new models that elevated the overall style of this bike significantly, while still staying true to the signature design qualities that Indian Motorcycle is known for,” said Reid Wilson, Director of Marketing for Indian Motorcycle.

“There’s no doubt these bikes have a more commanding presence combined perfectly with the flowing lines and signature details that make them 100 percent Indian.”

The bikes have a sawed-off open front fender that showcases the brand;s new fon wheel – a ten-spoke 19″ contrast-cut behemoth, paired with a matching 16″ rear wheel that perfectly complements the powerful dual 300mm floating front rotors with 4 piston calibers. The calipers feature the Indian Motorcycle script logo for a unique custom touch. A color matched headlight bezel and streamlined leather saddle complete the more sleek, aggressive look.

Both the bikes are designed and engineered to top notch, making it undeniably amazing and irresistable.

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