DAY 87  (09/09/13)   –    MONDAY        – ASHGABAT  (  REST DAYS  )


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It’s a rest day today! We woke up at 9am and had our breakfast in the room with all the other team mates. We talked about the recurring financial issues faced by the team. There was still no proper solution to the matter as the YWP is still not giving any help.


At 11am, we joined Shery, the Ambassador, to the Malaysian Embassy in the President Hotel at Ashgabat and met YTY Dato Zulkifli, the Malaysian Grand Ambassador. We talked about the program and the upcoming celebration that will take place on 10 September. The team was officially invited to the celebration.  At the same time, we asked help from the embassy to use their phone because Flexiroam and the internet were not usable here.


At 1pm, we followed TYT Dato Ambassador to his house for lunch and had a friendly conversation with him. He was very kind and caring towards us. At 4pm, we went for a stroll in the town of Ashgabat and took some pictures. The view was stunning and the beautiful building called Marbel City was filled with lights. We went to the Russky Bazaar to buy some souvenirs.


At 7pm, we had dinner with the TYT Dato Ambassador and the other ambassadors in the Merdem Gala restaurant.

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