DAY 86 – MARY – ASHGABAT ( 350 KM )

DAY 86  (08/09/13)   –   SUNDAY       – MARY – ASHGABAT  (  350 KM  )


Average Temp                  : 39ᵒC

Average Speed                 : 100 KM/J

Route                                    : MAIN ROAD (M 37)


At 6.30am, we flagged off from the Sanjar Hotel and made our way at Ashgabat. The journey was accompanied by cold breeze and the temperature in the morning was as low as 15ᵒC. At 8am, our journey was disrupted when by bike’s handle bearing broke so I had quite a rough time with the ride as it was less comfortable and dangerous.


At 10am, we stopped for breakfast at a town called Kaka before continuing our ride. In fact, the weather was starting to get hotter. My motorcycle broke down once again. The chain came off and the bike could not work. Alhamdulillah after fixing it, it was able to function as usual and we continued riding to Ashgabat.


We safely reached Ashgabat at 2pm. The team was welcomed by Mr Aminuddin, an officer from the Malaysian Embassy in Ashgabat. He took us for a hotel search. On our way, we got to witness the beauty of the city. The government headquarters looks so similar to Putrajaya. However, the weather was extremely hot and it hit as high as 39ᵒC.


At 7pm, we headed to Yimpas Supermarket with Mr Aminuddin. It was the only shopping complex in Ashgabat. The supermarket was rather big and we had our dinner there, thanks to Mr Aminuddin.


At 10pm, we had a team meeting in Dr Wan’s hotel room. Dato Zamri informed us that he will be returning to Malaysia as soon as possible to meet Tan Sri Sabaruddin Chik, Dato’ Dr Shafei and Anas to discuss the financial issues of the team. After Dato Zamri left, he informed us that we would have to use our own money for the expenses needed up until Istanbul, Turkey. He was disappointed with Anas’ behavior as he was not at all bothered about the problems faced by the team. Everyone was rather frustrated with thei own financial issues.

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