DAY 85  (07/09/13)   –    SATURDAY     – TURKMENABAT – MARY  ( 170 KM  )


Average Temp                  : 39ᵒC

Average Speed                 : 100 KM/J

Route                                    : MAIN ROAD (M 37)


At 6.30am, we flagged off from the Jehyun Hotel and headed straight to Mary. We started the journey earlier to avoid the hot weather later on. However, the weather today was fine with a maximum temperature of 23ᵒC alongside cold breeze.


It was not the best day for my bike (PKY121) as the front tyre was falt because of the side wall rubber that broke roughly within 100km. It took us two hours to change the front tyre.


At 12pm, we continued our journey to Mary and the weather started to get really hot and hit as high as 39ᵒC. The side of the roads was deserts and we were surrounded by camels!


We reached Mary at 2pm and checked in the Sanjar Hotel. We then head out for lunch at 3pm and called it a day.

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