DAY 81  (03/09/13)   –    TUESDAY     – TASHKENT  ( REST DAYS )


Average Temp                  :

Average Speed                 :

Route                                    :


At 9am, we woke up for breakfast and an hour later, we had to deal with the YWP regarding the purchase of the gearbox to be sent to Tashkent. YWP promised to settle to purchase and the delivery within two days.


At 2pm, we had an official ceremony with the Malaysian ambassador in Uzbekistan. The ceremony previewed the2013 1MWER and some slide shows. It then ended with food and an official flag off for the team.


At 4pm, we searched for a budget hotel to save up some of the expenses in order to anticipate the gearbox’s arrival. At 8pm, we went for dinner with the ambassadors and the DBKL Culture Club in Tashkent.

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