BMW’s HP4 Race is definitely the motorcycle for champions!

BMW’s HP4 Race is definitely the motorcycle for champions!

BMW introduced its new halo model HP4 Race during last year’s EICMA and it was said to be a slightly modified version of the S 1000 RR. Its setup is claimed to by BMW to be “reserved almost solely for World Cup motorcycles.”

Bearing more exclusiveness than the HP4, the bike dons a full-carbon fiber frame with carbon fiber wheels and carbon fibre track fairings, making the HP4 seem more of a common commute. It is dubbed as a purebred racing bike.

Weighing at 377lbs with a full tank and other necessary fluids, it weighs less than factory racing bikes in the WSBK and slightly heavier than MotoGP bikes. The main frame is 17lbs due to the carbon fibre. The carbon fibre sub-frame enables the seat to be adjusted into three different positions with 32.7 inches being the standard and the other options being  33.3 inches and 32.1 inches. Even the suspension is highly adjustable.

The new 4-in2-in-1 exhaust is also one of the factors for its supreme weight. It is designed with titanium in form to suit both performance and weight whereas the tank and the HP rear sets are made from aluminum.

The HP rear sets are definitely one of the fun factors of this ride as it offers riders eright different mounting positions.

The bike shares a power plant with the S 1000 RR and is tuned to meet the WSBK requirements. The output of the bike is 215hp and has an RPM of 14,500RPM, compared to the S 1000 RR’s 200 HP and 14,200RPM. The HP4 Race features a six-speed close-ratio gearbox for track use. It also contains Dynamic Traction Control, Wheelie Control, Engine Brake Retarder, Launch Control and even a Pit Lane Speed Limiter.

The new HP4 Race is limited to just 750 units worldwide and further information will be out in spring.

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