Zona designs HELMET to help riders focus on rear view

Zona designs HELMET to help riders focus on rear view

With everyone riding their bikes and focusing on the front view, would it not be better if they could also focus on their rear view? HELMET display gives bikes eyes in the back of their head in order to have a much safer riding experience and also prevents accidents. John Hale, founder of the UK-based start-up Zona, made a better rear-view system for motorcyclists and mirrors failed to show enough details.  In fact, Zona puts a small backlit display into motorcycle helmets, which is an adjustable arm that lets riders place it just below or above their eye in their peripheral vision. The rear-facing camera streams live video via Wi-Fi to a helmet-mounted receiver. Images are then processed and stabilized alongside gyroscopes to accommodate the rider’s movements.

“The inherent problem with motorcycles is that the mirrors just do not work very well,” said Hale.

“You’ve got a very small reflected image and, because of the position of the mirrors, mostly you’re seeing your elbows.”

“The screen is next to the user’s face, but the optics allow the eye to focus at a comfortable distance”

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