New riding school makes its way to Squamish

New riding school makes its way to Squamish

Old riders often find it hard to expand their interests and career in the bike industry due to their age but then again- age is just a number. With their skills and experience, the old riders certainly have come a long way.

Despite that, those in Squamish who wanted to learn how to safely ride a motorbike had to head down the highway to North Vancouver or beyond for a course. Due to that, the Squamish Motorcycle School will be making its head start in April 1.

The school’s courses are managed but Hilton Jacobs, who has ridden motorcycles for 30 years and is an ICBC licensed instructor. Each course is 16 hours long and includes eight hours of classroom learning and eight hours of practice out on one of the school’s four new bikes, Suzuki GW250s.

Hilton, originally from South Africa, said he first rode a motorbike when he was 12 years old. He moved to Squamish three years ago after leaving a 20-year career in the information technology sector in Vancouver. 

 “One thing we drill people on is you go where you look,” he said. 

“So always look where you want to go…  look 10 or 15 seconds down the road. When taking a corner look where you want to be and pick a spot in the distance – never, ever look down.” 

 “Traction is a beast,” he said. “You can do one of three things that changes your traction: you can change your speed, you can brake or you can change direction.” 

 “If you can ride a bicycle you will definitely adapt to riding a motorcycle a lot quicker.” 

“We will meet you on the day of your test for a fee and run you through some basics, get you all set up, make sure you are comfortable on the bike and then you go off and take your test,” he added.   


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