Motorcycle Safety Training Program held this month in Roseburg

Motorcycle Safety Training Program held this month in Roseburg

Riding a bike without safety precautions makes bike riding less significant than it actually is. Safety should be everyone’s to concern when it comes to riding a bike and therefore, motorcycle safety training classes are being held this month in Roseburg. The courses are instructed and managed by Team Oregon, a motorcycle safety partnership between the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State University. The purpose of the program is to provide safety training, education and outreach for people of all skill levels.

“The purpose of the class is to promote motorcycle safety by understanding through research data, professional rider training and information that gives us the best idea of what a person needs to ride and operate a motorcycle safely,” said Benjamin Masengil, Team Oregon instructor.

“One of the things we promote is to be better prepared for the road through proper riding gear and high visibility jackets,” he said. “We lower risk by understanding what the big problems are, addressing those issues and teaching that to the people in the classroom.”

“Out on the road you are vulnerable. If you don’t do some things, you are at a lot higher risk than you would be if you knew some simple procedures.”

With this program, everyone will be able to ride safely and enjoy the road with less concerns.

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