Increase in demand for motorcycles in Seychelles

Increase in demand for motorcycles in Seychelles

When we speak of islands, we picture a serene environment and everyone enjoying themselves outdoors. With that being said, the means of transportation on islands are rarely ever a topic up for discussion but motorcycles always seem to be a main focus in order reduce any harsh chemicals being released to the environment.

In Seychelles, there are more and more motorcycles appearing on the roads and drivers are even turning towards the two-wheeler section to avoid the congested traffic.

According to a sales representative Abhaye Valabjhi, they have sold more than 20 motorcycles since the beginning of the year and due to the increase in demand, PRG Motors, a new venture of the Pillay-R Group is selling more exclusive brands of bikes and batteries.

Seems like bikes are becoming more and more of a convenient choice for the islanders!

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