DAY 77  (30/08/13)   –    FRIDAY      – DUSHANBE – TASHKENT, UZBEKISTAN  ( 440 KM )


Average Temp                  : 16

Average Speed                 : 60 KM/J

Route                                    : M 39


At 8am, we woke up and had breakfast at the Taj Palace hotel. An hour later, we flagged off and headed towards Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Today was a rather challenging day for the team as many mishaps took place.


Firstly, before we flagged off, Karim notified us that his camera (Nikon D90) went missing. He claimed that the camera was missing when he went to wash his vehicle in the car wash after it was fixed. We went back to the car wash to retrieve the camera but no one admitted to it. The lost cost almost RM18,000 including the lens.


Secondly, during our journey to Tashkent (afte 160km of riding), Karim’s vehicle broke down once again with the same gearbox issue. The vehicle had to be towed with a truck nearby the Tajikistan border. The matter was a complete headache for the team because the repair will cost us time and more expenses and we would have to delay our ride to Turkmenistan and the following countries. We were absolutely sorry to see that Dato Zamri’s money was gone to waste just like that. The lost incurred this time was about RM16,000. We felt so bad for Dato Zamri and not to mention, the YWP never asks us about the progress of the programme. There is no doubt that they would not contribute any financial help this time too. Dato Zamri claimed that the daily expense inclusive of the fuel and accommodation costs about RM2500.00 a day. The YWP only gave 15,000 USD which is about RM 45,000. Just imagine that we are in Day 77 and we have all totally wiped out our expenses!


At 2pm, we stopped for a brief rest and lunch at Istaravshan, which was close to the main road M 39. After that, we continued to ride towards the Tajikistan border which is the Bekobod Border.


At 6pm, we arrived to the Bekobod border and settled all the paperwork within 30 minutes.

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