DAY 73  (26/08/13)   –    MONDAY       – DUSHANBE  ( REST DAYS )


Average Temp                  :

Average Speed                 :

Route                                    :


At 8am, we woke up for some beakfast and at 9am, Karim and Faizal headed to the workshop to take a look at the car. While they were at it, Dato Zamri, Sudirjan and I took off at 11am to go walk around the city of Dushanbe.


At 5pm, all of us went to the workshop to take a look at the vehicle, the gearbox has been overhauled and the vehicle is expected to be fully repaired by Tuesday evening. All of us had to stay another night in Dushanbe to wait for the repair to complete.


We had our very late lunch and dinne at a restaurant in Dushanbe at 6pm. After that, we went fo a walk to take memorable photos of our visit in Dushanbe.

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