DAY 63  (16/08/13)   –    FRIDAY      – BISHKEK – TOKTOGUL  (280 KM )


Average Temp                  : 20ᵒC

Average Speed                 : 70 KM/J

Route                                    : MAIN ROUTE


At 8am, we had our breakfast in the Voyage Hotel. Half an hour later, Faizal headed to the lawyer’s office to settle the shipment of Dato Azhari’s bike. At 10.30am, we flagged off from the Voyage Hotel and also had a photography session with a hotel owner. We then made our way to Toktogul through the hilly roads. The panorama is exquisite and the weather hit as low as 9ᵒC. 

At 1pm, we stopped for some refreshments and rest for a while before continuing our journey. We had a small photography session to capture to beautiful scenery surrounding us.

At 8pm, we made another stop to have some dinner before heading to Toktogul. About 2 hours later, we managed to reach Toktogul and we stayed in a motel. At midnight, Dato Zamri realized he left his medicine case and a total of 2500 USD in the Voyage Hotel and is very worried about it. At the same time, he called the hotel to notify the issue and asked for the hotel management to search for it.

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