DAY 62  (15/08/13)   –    THURSDAY     – BISHKEK – ( REST DAYS )


Average Temp                  :

Average Speed                 :

Route                                    :


At 8am, we woke up fro breakfast at the Voyage Hotel. The team will need to stay another day in Bishkek as we will have to settle Dato Azhari’s bike shipment back to Malaysia. This has to be done because if we continue taking the bike, it will be a burden especially in the ‘border’ and throughout the journey.


At 10am, we went to the market to buy some raw ingredients for lunch and also dinner. At 2pm, a journalist from Bishkek came to interview the team. The gesture was done by the owener of the hotel. Two hours later, Dato Zamri headed off to settle some matters regarding Dato Azhari’s bike shipment. Afte dealing with a few forwarding companies, Dato Zamri and the team decided to use DHL as an agent. This is because DHL will be sending the bike back to Malaysia with a total of USD3700, which is the cheapest price available.


At 7pm, DHL loaded the bike on the truck and is ready to be sent back to Malaysia. At 9pm, we made our own dinner to end the day.

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