DAY 60  (13/08/13)   –    TUESDAY     – ALMATY  – -BISHKEK, KYRGYZSTAN  ( 250 KM )


Average Temp                  : 25ᵒC

Average Speed                 : 110 KM/H

Route                                    : MAIN ROAD



We woke up at 8am today for breakfast at the Ambassador Hotel. After an hour, we flagged off from the hotel and headed towards the Kazakhstan boder before maing our way to Bishkek, Kygyzstan. The journey was rather smooth.


At 11am, we stopped at the R&R for some kebabs while waiting for Karim. Then at 12pm, we managed to make it to the borders of Kazakhstan. Everything went well but we were forced to pay a total of 65 USD to fill in the customs and immigration form. After everything was done, the customs officer checked the contents of the trailer and when they saw Dato Azhari’s bike, they did not let the bike to be brought out of Kazakhstan because he took home his customs form and police report copy. The officers did not let the bike go through due to that. At the same time, Dato Zamri tried negotiating with the officers and I tried to call Dato Azhari to get the form but unfortunately he did not pick up the phone. However, after two hours Dato Azhari returned my calls. I explained to him regarding the issue and that we were stuck for four hours at the border. If the document was not present, the bike cannot go out of Kazakhstan. Not to mention, we have all stamped our passports and there is no turning back to Kazakhstan because our VIS was for “Single Entry”.


At 6pm, finally Dato Zamri received the documents needed from Dato Azhari. Once again, Dato Zamri met the customs offcers and showed him the proof. Everything went well but the customs wanted verification for the form so we negotiated and paid some money and then we were free to go. This is the longest obstacle we have ever encountered and it lasted for 5 hours.


At 7pm, we entered the Kyrgyzstan border. Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly and it only took 1 hour for us to solve the issue.

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