Carl Reese clocked 23 hours in attempt to break endurance record

Carl Reese clocked 23 hours in attempt to break endurance record

In our recent write-ups, we mentioned that Carl Reese, holder for the outstanding solo motorcycle “cannonball” record, attempted to beat the world record of riding 2,023 miles in 24 hours. However, during the process, Reese completely destroyed his entire stock of two front and four rear tires and had to stop with more than one hour remaining on the clocked. He only managed to halt his day by reaching a total of 93 miles before sleeping for four hours and driving 17 hours home. His attempt was ended just after 22 hours and 52 minutes when his tire was unable to go any further.

Despite the failure to reach his ultimate goal, Reese was rather optimistic about the situation, “Honestly, I really wanted to break 2800 miles in 24 hours. I think we can do it. However our small budget didn’t allow additional tires. I think I maxed out every credit card I have on this one. If a bike manufacturer ever wants to sponsor me, our team could really lay down some records for for them. Harley Davidson, Lightning Motorcycles, Motus, Honda… Call me!”

Reese was completely worn out after the exhausting journey, “I was wiped out. I barely remember the drive back to the hotel. I crawled into bed and slept for 4 hours before driving back to the track to clean up, load the bike and drive the 17 hours back home to Los Angeles. I had to be at work Tuesday, so I drove the rented van straight through solo.”

Speaking of his next step, Reese added, “I’ve really got to pay down the credit cards, so I’m looking to sell the record setting bike. I’m seeking a manufacturer that wants to set some records. As I said, I’d love to crush 2800 miles in 24 hours. It may have to wait.”

No matter what, it takes extreme effort to even try to break such record. Good job, Reese!

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