DAY 59  (12/08/13)   –    MONDAY     – ALMATY  ( REST DAY )


Average Temp                  :

Average Speed                 :

Route                                    :


At 9am, we woke up and had ou breakfast in the restaurant located inside the Ambassador Hotel. Then at 10am, along with the local bikers (Dyma), we headed to the nearest motor repair shop to change our tyres. At first we went to Ducati but the price was a little too expensive for us, which was 100 USD for one motorbike. Due to that, we decided to search for a normal workshop. In the end, we found an affordable workshop that charged us 150 USD for all four of our bikes. Alhamdulillah.


At 11.30am, we went to the electronic shop because Faizal wanted to buy a charger for his new camera battery. Then at 5pm, we headed back to the workshop to collect our bikes. We went out for dinner at 9pm with Dyma and his friends. We went to an exclusive restaurant which was rather expensive but exceptionally delicious.

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