DAY 56  (09/08/13)   –    FRIDAY – SARKAND – ALMATY  (460 KM )



Average Temp                  : 31ᵒC

Average Speed                 : 100 KM/J

Route                                    : MAIN ROAD


At 8am, we were live on air in RTM with our familys and had a conversation with our family members. At 9am, we flagged off from the Sarkand Hotel and headed straight to Almaty. The journey was filled with light rain and then transformed into scorching hot. The condition of the road was still as bad as befo0re. At the same time, we stopped to make a video shoot in the mountain areas.


At 1pm, we stopped for some rest and refreshments. We had some Beef Biryani for lunch in the town of Taldykorgan. At 3pm, we continued out journey under the heat, the weather hit 33ᵒC. We managed to stop at the side of the streets and had some watermelon while talking with the local residents.


At 6pm, we managed to arrive to Almaty town and stayed at the Ambassador Hotel. At 9pm, all of us gathered for dinner for an amazing Kazakhstan traditional cuisine, which is kebab.

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