DAY 52  (05/08/13)   –    MONDAY – BARNAUL – SEMEY, KAZAKHSTAN  ( 460 KM )

Average Temp                  : 20ᵒC

Average Speed                 : 90 KM/J

Route                                 : MAIN ROAD


At 9am, we prepared ourselves and headed straight to our briefing. Dato Zamri was rather critical that were short tempered and impatient. In fact, he stated that he’s heard rumours that Dato Azhari wanted to withdraw from the journey and return to Malaysia. Rumours turned out to be true so he mentioned that he has contacted the YWP and there was no problem or objection in sending him home. The YWP are arranging the flight tickets. When that was settled, we flagged off from Barnaul and headed to the Russian border. We had to go through 300km to reach the border.


At 1pm, we managed to enter the Russian border but we had to wait for a long time to get in the check point area because the authorities only let two vehicles to enter for a checkup. Alhamdulillah, the checkup only took 30 minutes for each person.


At 2.30pm, we officially entered the Kazakhstan border. The checkup was brief and took 10minutes but there was a provlem with Dato Zamri’s passport. Rosmadi, Ariffin and Faizal also faced some problems because their passport was old. However, after a negotiation, we managed to get through and continued our journey to Semey through a total of 120km.


At 5pm, Alhamdulillah, we reached Semey and stayed at the Binar Hotel. Four hours latera t 9pm, we had ou dinner in a local restaurant with some delicious kebabs. Faizal treated us as a token of his 37th birthday.


We headed back to the hotel and at 11pm, we attended a special meeting for the 1MWER team. Dato Zamri voiced out his dissastisfaction upon some riders that forgot their roots and became selfish. The meeting was about riders voicing out their opinions and feelings towards one another. Dato Zamri critiqued Ariffin and Daro Azhari about their selfish attitudes. Despite that, the day ended with the riders calling a truce and peace was made.

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