DAY 51 (04/08/13)   –    SUNDAY    – KEMEPOBO –  BARNAUL ( 400 KM )

Average Temp                  : 20ᵒC

Average Speed                 : 110 KM/J

Route                                    : MAIN ROAD


We flagged off really late today at 3pm and headed straight to Barnaul. After flag off, we went to the town for a photography session. The journey was scorching hot and also full of rain. We bonded with the locals along the way. After two hours, we stopped for some rest and refreshments alongside filling up our tanks.


We managed to reach out hotel, which is Barnaul Hotel despite the drizzle. We settled in and bought burger for dinner. When the clock struck 12, we celebrated Faizal’s birthday in the hotel and Dato Zamri bought some cupcakes. After that, Dato Zamri opened a table in the café as a birthday present.

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