DAY 48  (01/08/13)   –    THURSDAY  – LAKE BAIKAL – IRKUTSK   ( 450 KM )

Average Temp                  : 20ᵒC

Average Speed                 : 100 KM/J

Route                                    : MAIN ROAD


At 10 in the morning, we flagged off from Buryatia Hotel and headed straight to Irkutsk using the main road. The journey was rather chilly at 15ᵒC. Along the journey there are many people camping at Lake Baikal. Today is our last day riding with Alex Wong because Alex will be heading to Dubai for a ‘solo mission’. Goodbye and good luck Alex!


We took a rest at 12pm and had some refreshments and then headed back on the road. We saw many strawberries for sale along the road. The view around us depicts how tough it must be for the locals to make a living. From what we saw, we as Malaysians, should be grateful with the wonderful infrastructure in our country.


We stopped for dinner at 9pm and broke our fast at Subway in Irkutsk. An hour later we checked into the Irkutsk Hotel.

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