Blind Malaysian mechanic proves that nothing is impossible

Blind Malaysian mechanic proves that nothing is impossible

If there’s one thing we learnt about life, it’s that hardships make us who we are today. As for Malaysian mechanic Azhar Ibrahim, his hardships has defined him to this day and showed us that nothing is impossible. The 34 year-old mechanic, hailing for Jalan Tanjung Tualang, has been blind since birth and has relied on his other senses to work with motorcycles. He is able to listen to the sound of the engines and determine its problem and he is also capable of changing tyres. Not to mention, he has his own workshop.

“I spent about a month learning about the motorcycle body parts and their functions … just by feeling and listening to the sounds they made. I then decided to overhaul my cousin’s Honda EX5 which was not used for several years,” Azhar said as quoted from The Malay Mail Online.

Azhar has repaired more than one hundred motorcycles and he always leaves the customers satisfied with his work.

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