DAY 43 (27/07/13) – ULAAN BAATAR – DARKHAN (230 KM )

DAY 43  (27/07/13)  – SATURDAY


Average Temp                  : 28

Average Speed                 : 80

Route                                    : MAIN ROAD



At 8am, we headed to Subaatar Square once again to take pictures but unfortunately Karim and I were caught by the police as we did not carry out passport along. We were brought to the police station to negotiate and in the end I was allowed to return to the hotel to grab my passport whereas Karim was left in the station. When I came back with both our passports, we were then allowed to leave.

At 9.30am, we flagged off from the Chinggis Khan Hotel and headed straight to Darkhan. We used the main road and the panorama was amazing. The mountains were full of horses, cows and sheep. At 11.30am, we stopped for refreshments and took a rest 100km after travelling from Ulaan Baatar.

At 3pm, we arrived our hotel- Comfort Hotel in Darkhan. At 7pm, we had our dinner and broke our fast with Kevin, whom hailed from Sungai Petani who stayed in Ulaan Baatar for the past 17 years.

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