DAY 42 (26/07/13) – ULAAN BAATAR (REST DAY)

DAY 42  (26/07/13)   – FRIDAY


Average Temp                  :

Average Speed                 :

Route                                    :


Day 42 and it’s a rest day today! At 10am, we headed to Subaatar Square which is a place right in the middle of Ulaan Bataar. We went there to do more video shooting and photography sessions. We also had the opportunity to visit the Dinosaur museum and educated ourselves with the history of dinosaurs and explored the fossils. It was indeed interesting.


At 12pm, we went to the Motor Travel Shop to buy some gloves and a motor tube. Alhamdulillah, the Mongolians are such kind people and they are always ready to help. At the same time, we managed to wash our dirty bikes in the car wash next to the Motor Travel Shop.


At 2pm, we headed to the State Department Store with the owner of the Motor Travel Shop (Delgerchimeg) to get some souvenirs. Two hours later, we went back to the hotel with Delgerchimeg and his friends to take a look at Karim’s vehicle as it needs to be repaired.  At 8pm, we decided to have our dinner at the Turkish restaurant, just like yesterday.

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