DAY 39  (23/07/13)   – TUESDAY


Average Temp                  : 28ᵒC

Average Speed                 : 60 km/j

Route                                    : Main road


We woke up a little earlier than usual today at 6am for a morning briefing. Dato Zamri was rather sarcastic when voicing out his opinions, mainly targeting the riders that are selfish and bad tempered. The comment was directly aimed at Ariffin for his disappointing behavior yesterday and it completely tarnished Dato Zamri’s reputation as the head of the program. Right after that, we flagged off from our hotel and continued our journey. This is the first time we did an off-road with a challenging path. The path was full of soft soil and rocks.


At 8am, DAJ fell onto the ground but luckily nothing serious happened. We continued to ride with an average speed of 40 km/h. An hour later, Cris fell two times in just 15 minutes. He was injured and his bike was slightly damaged. The team then entered the desert, which was as long as 200km with a maximum speed of 50 km/h. Throughout the ride, we got the opportunity to witness the beauty of mother nature as we were surrounded by mountains and hills the whole journey. Along the path, there were “special tents” for residents that lived on the mountains. There were at least 10-15 tents! Every tent was about 10-15km apart.


At 3pm, we stopped for refreshments. DAJ had a flat tyre and he had to change the tye tube. The team then continued its journey but we decided to stop at 6pm for the “Camp Site”. At 6.30pm, we managed to stop at the camping area (Gurr) for the “Camp Site” within the Tsagaadorvolj area.  Alhamdulillah, when we were fixing our tents, we had help from the local residents.


At 7.30pm, we gathered together to cook and prepare dinner to break our fast. We even got to residents to join us! At 9pm, we had a ‘teh O panas’ (hot tea) session and chatted with each other regarding tomorrow’s activities.

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