DAY 35 (19/07/13) – BEIJING ( REST DAY)

DAY 35  (19/07/13)  – FRIDAY – BEIJING ( REST DAY)

Average Temp                 :

Average Speed                 :

Route                                    :


Another rest day! We headed to Tian’Amen Square (Forbidden City) at 8am for a photo shoot to captur our good times for remembrance. At 10am, we headed Out Door Supermarket (Decatlon) to buy some necessities for our Mongolia trip later on.


At 2pm, we went to the Tajikistan Embassy to pick up our passports. Around 3.30pm, we went over to BMW Motorrad to check up on our freshly serviced bikes. At 7pm, we went to the Beijing Muslim village to do our Maghrib prayers in the nearby mosque and break our fast.

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