Bike-taxis to make it big in India’s Rajarhat

Bike-taxis to make it big in India’s Rajarhat

We’ve seen motorcycle taxis develop and overtake the market recently in Southeast Asia and the phenomenon is making its way to India. The state government has started accepting application for an app-based bike-taxi service to be restricted in the New Town-Rajarhat. Same like any other country, the main aim of this initiative is to help people reach to their destinations in time considering the heavy traffic surrounding the area.

“As of now, motorbikes would be plying as taxis in the New Town area from next month. They can drop passengers outside the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) area, but within a radius of 5km from the township.

The rules and regulations of the service include:

Service period will be between 8am and 8pm to begin with. Extension of this period will be considered by the regional transport authority based on necessity and the safety of passengers.

  • Not more than one pillion rider is allowed.
  • Carrying minors on a bike-taxi is barred.
  • Drivers have to wear conspicuous light jackets lined with reflective colour and bearing the words “Bike-Taxi”.
  • Vinyl stickers on a white background must be pasted on both sides of the fuel tank. The words “Bike-Taxi” have to be painted prominently in blue on the stickers. Only reflective colours can be used. Additional plates with white as the base colour have to be fitted at the front and back of the motorbike.
  • A passenger can carry only light luggage.
  • Clean, crash helmets have to be provided to passengers.
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