DAY 33 (17/07/13) – BEIJING ( REST DAY)

DAY 33  (17/07/13)  – WEDNESDAY – BEIJING ( REST DAY)

Average Temp                  : 34ᵒC

Average Speed                 :

Route                                : 


At 8am, we travelled to the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing to meet up with Mr Fadil and Mrs Fatima, the ambassadors, in order to settle our visas for Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. We arrived at the Uzbek Embassy at 10am and managed to settle it within two hours before heading to the Tajik Embassy to deal with the Tajik visa.


At 2.30pm, we headed to Motorrad Beijing to drop off some spare parts that needed to be repaired. At 6pm, we made our way to Yashow Clothing Market for some delightful shopping and broke our fast at the Muslim Hawkers at level 5.

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