BREAKING NEWS: Javier Alonso left Dorna and disclosed future!

Javier Alonso, left Dorna and disclosed future!

Javier Alonso whom had been with Dorna since 1992, left the company and mentioned to the journalist Mat Oxley that World Supersport Championship has the days counted and as replacement a Nakebikes series will become alive. Many now refer to the cliché sentence “Race on Sunday, sell on Monday”, as the mote for this shift. As we all know, nakedbike are on the hype for quite some time now and this decision might be coming in by manufacturers pressure on sales uplifting.

Javier Alonso said: “I can’t say when but we will have a class with nakedbikes instead of World Supersport. It could be the future,”. And also added, “It will start as a direct replacement for Supersport and then we’ll see how it goes.

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