Yamaha Bikerz 2016 Sepang Grand Prix Convoy

A Blue Ocean of Yamaha Bikerz Assemble to Create a Massive Convoy to The 2016 Shell Motorcycle Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit

Yamaha Bikerz from all over Malaysia gathered up at Putrajaya to ride off to Sepang International Circuit to attend the 2016 Shell Motorcycle Grand Prix. It goes without saying that all the riders are cheering for the Yamaha racing heroes Valentino Rossi, and Jorge Lorenzo.

The convoy was organised by Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) Sdn Bhd. in collaboration with The Royal Malaysian Police (Polis Di-Raja). Almost 800 Yamaha Bikerz participated in the convoy.  A representation of local Yamaha bikerz from the Northern, Southern, Easern regions, and some dedicated Yamaha Bikers coming all the way from Kedah compiled the convoy!

The annual convoy ride coincided with the Sepang Grand Prix. Thus, Hong Leong Yamaha Motor took this opportunity to gather up one of the biggest mixed Yamaha model convoys. The 2016 convoy gives Yamaha Bikerz experience the joys of riding, attending one of the greatest motoring events, and building up the unity amongst the Yamaha motorbike community across Malaysia.

The kick off of the convoy was initiated by Dato’ Jim Khor, and a briefing to all the Yamaha Bikerz by the Royal Malaysian Police on safe riding tips. As the convoy horn sounded offand the Yamaha flag waved, riders made their way to the Sepang Grand Prix to cheer for their Yamaha racing champs. The Yamaha Bikers were wearing the distinguishable Yamaha Blue shirts that had the signature yellow right hand sleeve that Valentino Rossi sports on his riding gear.

The exhilaration and excitement from the gathering point at the Dorsett Hotel, all the way to Sepang International Circuit was easily noticed by the way all the riders were sharing their riding passion to enjoy their Yamaha motorbikes, and support their Yamaha racing riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.


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