“Ten Inch Terror” 55hp Vespa Custom from Germany

When The Power of a Normal Vespa is Just not Enough, You Turn it to a “Ten Inch Terror” with 55hp!

The Vespa scooter has been around for around 70 years. From the past 70 years a large cult following is now present around the brand, but what is even cooler is that there is an endless variation of modification styles for the globally known scooter brand.

Coming from Hamburg – Germany, custom bike builder Marek Nachlik’s unique perspective on bringing high power to the vespa which is notorious for its chic retro style, and not its performance. An average person would look at the “Ten Inch Terror” and assume its just a normal noisy vespa. While in reality, it is a heavily customised scooter that is on top of the line when it comes to riding performance.

“Ten Inch Terror” is the name of the custom Vespa because of the motor that is in the scooter. The stock motor is no longer in use, and a Husqvarna WR360 motor is in its place instead. The angle of the engine is forward by 45 degrees to improve the weight distribution. In addition to that, smart engineering approaches are visible all over the scooter. For example, the rear swingarm, coming from a Yamaha XS400 is dampened by a shock absorber that functions like one off a buell.

The Build

Many parts from different motorbikes are frankenstined together by Marek to create the “Ten Inch Terror”.  The rear brakes are from a Honda CB750 that are on a rear wheel coming from a Honda Comstar.

Aside from the parts that come from different motorbikes, many custom components are in use to build the Ten Inch Terror. This is not limited to the custom chassis reinforcing, or the front mount radiator, or the hand fabricated exhaust.

Sitting at a weight of 145KG we cannot stop but wonder what a 55HP monster is capable of on a dragstrip, highway or a city street.

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