Jawa Motorcycles Acquired by Mahindra

Classic Motorcycle Brand Jawa is Coming Back to Life After Being Acquired by Mahindra

Jawa Motorcycles originates from the Czech Republic or what was known as Czechoslovakia since 1929.  Production of Jawa motorcycles expanded to India from the 1950’s and ever since then the brand had a healthy presence in the region.

Jawa’s most recent models date back to 2014 that are targeted for the Indian market. To keep the brand’s momentum going, Mahindra Two Wheelers has made it no secret that it acquired Jawa and wants to re-position the motorcycle brand into the niche market of high end classic styled motorbikes.

Jawa will have a completely new model range, that is independently created from the ground up. The new motorcycles will be manufactured at the Mahindra two wheeler factory in India. It is predicted that the first models will roll off the production line in 2019.

Mahinda two wheeler’s are focusing on bringing back the patina of the classic design by making the new Jawa’s have the character of their ancestors while providing new technologies. The good thing is that the new Jawa bikes won’t be badge engineered Mahindra bikes as they would be completely independent with their design and even their dealer network. Expect to see four possible variants of the Jawa bikes in the showrooms. The new model line up will have bikes in the touring, adventure, cruiser and street category.

We are excited and keen to see what the brand will have to offer under new ownership.

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