Day 12 : Laos: VIENTIANE – VANG VIENG (150KM)


(26/03/2013) – WEDNESDAY

LAOS: After two days of much needed rest, the team was prepared to tackle on a day full of adventure. The team woke up at 8am for breakfast. At 9.30am, we have a prayers session and a farewell ceremony for the other team that followed the 1MWER team since Vientiane, Laos. Thank you Abang Wee, Abang Zul, Abang Hashim, Hamdan, Along and Irwan! At the same time, we got to introduce two new Overlanders that will be following the team up to Turkey. The two new riders were Mr Alex from Sarawak and Mr Cris from Chile.

After we were done with the events, team 1MWER straight took off to the Malaysian Embassy in Vientiane for the official flag off. We were flagged off at 10am by the grand ambassadors and we took pictures at the Vientiane Monument soon after.

At 11am, we headed to Vang Vieng through the old route. The condition of the roads were the same as Malaysian 25 years ago. Throughout the whole pathway, there were old village houses and children playing at the roadside without any supervision from parents. It is quite dangerous. We got to witness how hard the life was for the children here compared to Malaysia. Children here start working for their parents as early as 5 years old by finding wood and planting vegetables just to guarantee a meal. Also, regardless of whether it was male or female, both will take their bath Ina big group at the nearby waterfall. It really pinched my heart to see how they lived their lives.

At 12.30pm, we had a stopover and did a shooting. Then we had our lunch at Nazim Restaurant at Vang Vieng. At 4pm, we managed to reach and check in The Elephant Crossing Hotel.

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