Yamaha XV920 Custom Bobber by Moto Adonis

Yamaha XV920 Custom Bobber by Moto Adonis

The Yamaha XV920, a variant of the Yamaha Virago has been gaining popularity with custom bike builders because the platform of the XV920 incorporates DNA of a touring bike, and a cruiser. Moto Adonis based out of Roosendaal in The Netherlands were the fabricators behind the 1982 Yamaha XV920.

Moto Adonis is a motorcycle repair shop, but the team is lead by true motorcycle enthusiasts where they couldn’t stop themselves from customising and modifying motorcycles. They became sought after for their quality work, so they started to make custom builds for their clients in addition to continuing motorcycle repair and maintenance services in their work shop.

The custom work done to the XV920 left the bike looking and performing very differently from how it was. The rear subframe has been completely changed to eliminate the rear fender and rework suspension geometry. All the electricals were also cleverly contained in front of the rear wheel. As for the front wheel, ride control was an issue that needed to be addressed so the guys at Moto Adonis replaced the whole front fork assembly with one from a 2005 Yamaha R1.

Aesthetically, the design of the bobber is rather minimal where the essentials are only kept on the bike. Gauges, and other instruments were deleted, and only a kill switch was kept. For a sleeker look the stock fuel tank was replaced with one from a classic Honda CM400, also all the lighting on the bike has been replaced with small but bright LED lights to keep with the sleek look intended by Moto Adonis.

The end result is a joyful to ride attention grabber. The approximate cost for this customisation job with the XV920 included runs around 9,500 Euros.

Images by: Nextline

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