Special Edition Access 125 Scooter By Suzuki Motorcycle India

Suzuki Motorcycle India Launches Special Edition of the Access 125 Scooter

The Access 125 Scooter is the flagship scooter from Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL). A special edition has been created to highlight the style and aesthetics of the special edition scooter. The cost of the special edition scooter will range from Rs 55,589 to Rs 58,900 depending on the option of front brake discs.

The differences from the special edition Access 125 and the regular Suzuki Access is that the special edition comes with:

  • Available Exclusively in Pearl Mirage White
  • Optional Front Disc Brake (Front Brake Drum comes standard)
  • Maroon Coloured Leatherette Seat Cover
  • Rounded Chrome mirrors
  • Special Edition Label Stickers on Body
  • Brown coloured floor board for a classic look
  • Easy Self Start
  • Chrome Style Headlamps
  • Analog / Digital Display
  • Mobile Charging Socket
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