Peugeot DJANGO – Classy Retro Style Scooter

The Peugeot Django Scooter Brings Heritage with Modern International Technology

The Peugeot Django scooter is a testament to the brand’s deep heritage and history as the inventor of the motorcycle. Peugeot created the first motorcycle in 1898 and has been making motorcycles ever since.

The Django scooter comes in several variants but shares the same looks amongst its different specs. The main design goal of the Django is that it brings back design elements that take you back to the 1960’s. Thankfully, the Peugeot Django brings along the most advanced riding technologies for a modern experience that is full of character and charm.

In detail, the Peugeot Django comes in 3 motors, a 50cc, 125cc, and a 150cc motor. There are minor differences in the appearance of the scooter based on the engine that is picked.

  • Storage compartment for jet helmet with visor
  • Flat footboard
  • Dual compartment lockable glove-box with 12V power socket
  • Modern LED lighting (front and rear indicators, rear light)
  • Semi-digital dashboard
  • Comfortable dual seat, single piece black leather covering
  • Single colour bodywork
  • Milky White wheel rims with black tyres
  • Chrome round rear-view mirrors
  • Numerous optional accessories available
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