New Motorcycle GPS Dashcam by DOD Hummer

New Motorcycle Dashcam Developed for Motorcycles to Enhance Rider Safety and Reduce Accident Fraud

The DOD hummer motorcycle dashcam is the solution for motorcycle riders that want to capture the unexpected in full 1080p HD video. The Hummer motorcycle dashcam is a first of its kind for DOD Tech. Giving motorcycle enthusiasts the protection they need from unwarranted traffic citations, multi-vehicle incidents and false accusation scenarios.

The Hummer comes with a waterproof body that is tough and ready for any road or terrain and is Wi-Fi capable. The Wi-Fi capability allows the user to control the device from any smart phone and also upload video content to third party social media sites with a touch of an app.


  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording
  • Wi-Fi Ready for uploading and sharing your experiences anytime, anywhere
  • 5X GPS speed for fast and accurate GPS coordinates and logging
  • IPX6 Waterproof design makes the Hummer tough and durable in any weather
  • Image Stabilization Sensor helps reduce shaky videos
  • 1.5″ LCD Screen makes navigating the menu and playback easy
  • Advanced WDR Technology records greater scene details especially at nighttime
  • 14 Megapixel high-resolution image sensor provides better image quality
  • Built in G-Sensor triggers a file protection of all video files in the event of an accident
  • Loop recording allows the dashcam to record over older video without interruption
  • Auto Power-on automatically starts recording when ignition is turned on
  • 750mAh Lihium-Ion Battery lets the user records up to 2 hours without charge
motorcycle dash cam dod hummer
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