MotoGP inspired Yamaha Yard Build Project SR400

Belgian Bike Builder Krugger Builds MotoGP Inspired Yamaha SR400 in Honour of Yamaha MotoGP Chief Mechanic

Yard Build is a special project of Yamaha bringing old motorbike models back to modern life. Therefore, they make it by cooperating with talented motorbike customizers all over the world.

Furthermore, renovating classic products with new looks and engines, Yamaha never failed to surprise motorbike enthusiasts with their creative and inspirational efforts. Recently, the Japanese giant has added another masterpiece in the form of SR400, built by Belgian artist Fred Bertrand of Krugger Motorcycles and his best friend, Bernard Ansaiau, a talented mechanic who is known for working with the Italian champion racer Valentino Rossi.

In addition, inspired by MotoGP racing, Fred and Bernard decided to make the most out of SR400 retro design. They made it by combining with the classic Yamaha Speedblock’s accessories. And it’s not all about the look. Some serious works have been done to upgrade the engine. The brakes have been replaced by Beringer’s kit. The forks have been polished and lowered and are balanced with a pair of Fox shocks at the rear. However, the most noticeable change is the Aisin 300 supercharger and its custom plenum chamber. While also using one custom stainless steel exhaust system and an S&S 48mm carb replaces the fuel injection system.

Cristain Barelli – Yamaha Motor Europe Marketing Coordinator – commented: “It’s impossible to have a custom machine that lives and breathes our racing history better than this. It’s such a beautiful bike and the longer and closer you look at it the more detail you find to enjoy. You wouldn’t normally associate the SR400 with MotoGP racing but this build is as genuine and authentic as it’s possible to get, a real Yard Built special!”

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