Kawasaki Rideology Allows us to “Talk” to our Motorcycles

Future Kawasaki motorcycles will have artificial intelligence (AI) adapting the bike to your riding style and skill level based on “conversations” between rider and bike.

To many riders, a motorbike is not only a means of transportation but also a companion, a friend with specific characteristic and soul. A good rider would know how to communicate with their bike without verbal communication. However, if you haven’t been at that level yet, Kawasaki rideology is here to help!

Famous Japanese Motorcycle and Engineering Manufacturer, Kawasaki, has unveiled the new the Rideology system at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show. The technology demonstrates Kawasaki’s future ambitions and product development path. The name Rideology is a combination of “Ride” and “Ideology”. In another words, this artificial intelligence will allow bikers to give commands in two-sided conversation with their motorbikes.

According to Mr. Tomida, President of Kawasaki, the purpose of the system is “Firstly the need for machines to possess power and grace, secondly Kawasaki motorcycles should continue to be fun and rewarding to ride and, thirdly, the ongoing reliance on the skills within the entire Kawasaki Group harnessing cutting edge technology to enrich the lives of people worldwide”.

Although Kawasaki haven’t given any details on how to control and use the systems, many people believe that Rideology would be connected with mobile application through Bluetooth intercom. This system is also considered as Kawasaki’s move into artificial intelligence, in the competition with Yamaha’s development with their automated self-riding motorcycle available within a decade.

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