From High school Dropout to Young Motorbike King

From High school Dropout to Young Motorbike King

How many people do you know started from the bottom and ended up living up to their dreams?
It certainly is not an easy task to take on a big objective while striving to make ends meet. Malaysia’s very own Jordan Chan has definitely made it with his own motorcycle business “Stunning Bike”.

With three franchises throughout the country in Sunway (Selangor), Muar (Johor) and Miri (Sarawak). Jordan is also opening another outlet farther south in Johor Bahru. The 20 year-old Sabahan, gave up his studies at the age of 16, pushed away the stereotypes and diligently made his dreams possible.

Jordan started his business out of a “pre-order” online store, and continued to build up from that platform over two short years. Stunning Bike ended up moving to a custom built 13,000 square foot 3 storey space headquarters in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The business then expanded its franchises due to the rising demands for his bike customization services.

Jordan believes that his story will inspire young entrepreneurs to not give up and continue working on their dreams.

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